Borrowing About To Sky Rocket As Boards Approve Most Expensive Elementary School In County History

By a 3-2 vote of the Board of Commissioners and a 6-0 vote by the Cabarrus County Board of Education, the two boards agreed to build the most EXPENSIVE elementary school in Cabarrus County HISTORY.

Mind you, as a county, we have over $400 million of debt and we need to build several new/replacement schools in the next couple years because we have not built one in several years. As you recall, there is no plan as to how to fund all of these schools except to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars.  Click on this post, you will see VIDEO evidence that borrowing is the only plan.

Once again, the school board favors building facilities over teachers and students.  My neighbor is literally collecting $10 from each neighbor to fund teacher assistants at R. Brown McAllister.  At the same time, we see the School Board’s priority is building the most expensive elementary school in county history.

Mount Pleasant Middle School RestroomBy the way, as noted in my comments, the money being used for this additional funding of the new elementary school was taken from Mount Pleasant Middle School.  Yes, the same Mount Pleasant Middle School that did not have stalls around a toilet–you can see the pictures here

These boards have both been doing this for years.  Until you hold them accountable, they will continue.  Here are some other examples:

Here are my full comments from last night.


Christians Have Been Voting For Gay Marriage With Their Dollars

Christians are not victims of the judiciary; we’ve been consistently voting for gay marriage and other unbiblical policies with our dollars and time.  In a capitalist society, we vote every day with our dollars and our time (with respect to the media).  Capitalism is very simple—the products that are desirable to the consumer are rewarded with purchases, the products that are undesirable go away because they are not financially supported.  When you spend your dollar on a product, you are voting for more of that product.  With respect to the media, spending time watching or listening to a program is a vote for similar programming (see note below for the details).

Supreme CourtFrom a practical perspective, most Christians vote for certain policies in political elections one time every two or four years, but several times every day we vote with our dollars and time for opposite policies.

If you want a society that doesn’t glamorize pre-marital sex, divorce, lust, gay marriage, greed, materialism, etc., then don’t vote for products and programs that glamorize those things.  The folly of rewarding A while hoping for B.  Understand that businesses and media shape culture and culture determines policy.  You see, the progressive media and businesses have been using products and programs to desensitize our society to sin (and normalize it) for a long time.  So, if you want biblical policy, we need a culture that does not promote unbiblical policy.  Unfortunately, Christians reward the businesses and media that promote sin and alter our culture to an unbiblical policy and then hope for biblical policy.

This is a basic causation analysis.  Christians partially cause the society to be the way it is and then complain about the way it is.  We are “victims” just like everyone else; refusing to acknowledge our responsibility for the result.

In I Thessalonians 5:21-22, Paul says, “But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good; abstain from every form of evil.”  In my opinion, Christians have not been examining everything carefully.  Instead, with respect to most things, we have been conformed to the worldly views of our nation and accept its determinations of what is good and evil.  Realize that in the last few decades, our nation has been altered from a nation of Christian principles to a nation of moral relativism.  Thus, we cannot trust its examination of things and must independently examine everything for ourselves.

Obviously, all the nuances of this analysis are not included here.  One could write an entire book on motives and details.  I simply wanted to convey the very basic truth that as Christians, we are not victims; we are part of the cause.  Society will continue to erode until Christians decide to stop rewarding that erosion, and it won’t happen one second sooner.


*The media gives you programming for free in exchange for being able to expose you to advertisements.  When you expend your time viewing or listening to a program, they sell your time to the advertisers and make money.  So the more time you give them, the more money they make, the less time, the less money they make.  So when you spend your time watching programming, you are voting for more of that substantive programming.


Exposing the Lies, Deceit, and Evil of Morris, Honeycutt, and Cabarrus Jobs Now

Time and time again, Commissioner Morris and Cabarrus Jobs Now have been caught lying and deceiving our voters (Commissioner Morris and soon-to-be-commissioner Diane Honeycutt co-founded Cabarrus Jobs Now together as a Political Action Committee).

When evil uses lies and deceit to take power from the innocent and unknowing, we must stand against it.

This morning, the Independent Tribune published an article stating that Commissioner Morris’s lies resulted in two library employees being suspended for 3 days each.  Also, in response to such behavior, the county manager had to send out a memorandum to county volunteers and the public stating, “First and foremost I want to apologize for any false, inaccurate, or misrepresentation of factual information that may have been distributed to you from our library staff.”  Commissioner Morris used the library staff and our county volunteers to spread lies.

Here is video from our last meeting of me confronting this behavior.  He makes no effort to deny his behavior (the video runs through the end of the meeting so you can see he NEVER tries to refute this):

Cabarrus Jobs Now John Day Full mailerThis group has a pattern and practice of lying.  I’m  sure you remember this flyer.  They spent thousands of dollars sending this direct mailer, which said “behind closed doors, Cabarrus County Commissioners Chris Measmer and Larry Burrage awarded a $151,000 no-bid contract to their political crony John Day following his resignation as Cabarrus County Manager.”  Even the county attorney acknowledged in our official meeting that this is TOTALLY FALSE—here is the video.   This time, I explicitly ask Commissioner Morris if he wants to deny this (again he did not deny it):


Finally, in addition to the tens of thousands of dollars Cabarrus Jobs Now spent telling you Ms. Honeycutt is a “conservative Republican”, Ms. Honeycutt spent thousands on the attached flyer.  FIVE times she tells you she is a “conservative” Republican. See Honeycutt Mailer (just first page).  A tiny amount of research will quickly reveal she was not telling the truth.

Carolina Plott Hound Outs the Fakes

Commissioner Morris used county resources to spread lies and Cabarrus Jobs Now and Ms. Honeycutt spent approximately $100,000 spreading theirs.  You need to be aware that after they are seated, 4 out of the 5 sitting commissioners will have received significant campaign support from Cabarrus Jobs Now.  If they will lie like this to gain a little power, they are going to lie to increase and keep power.  Moreover, they likely are trying to impact other races this November.

“Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them”  Ephesians 5:11

Fees: The City’s Silent Tax Increase

I read in the City of Concord’s  magazine that Mayor Padgett said the state legislature has declared a “War on Cities.”  When you start looking at all the fees we pay to our city, perhaps it is more fitting to talk about the city’s War on its Citizens.

Have you noticed how many fees we are now paying in addition to all the taxes?  For instance, I received my tax bill for a trailer I own.  The trailer is valued at $500.  The tax rate for Cabarrus County is 70 cents per $100 of value, so my county tax obligation is $3.50.  The tax rate for Concord is 48 cents per $100 of value, so my city tax obligation is $2.40.

Then, in addition to paying my taxes, the City of Concord tacks on a $15.00 vehicle “fee”.  Put this in comparison, my taxes are 70 cents/$100 and 48 cents/$100 for the county and city, respectively, and this “fee” is $3/$100 of value.

Seriously, this fee is 425% of my county tax and 625% of my city tax on this trailer (this is addition to the extra $19 “registration fee”).

Also, did you know the reinstatement “fee” for a $10 alarm permit is $100?  Seriously, the reinstatement “fee” is 10 TIMES the cost of the permit.

Fees are the new silent tax.  You continue to pay more and more!

City of Concord Fees

Fathers: Build Your House (Your Families) On Rock

Fathers–I want to encourage you to build your house (i.e., your families) on the rock of Jesus Christ.  God can use that obedience in amazing ways.

I went to the Star Spangled Sunday event last night celebrating the 200th anniversary of our Star Spangled Banner.  I took this picture of these two faithful men.  This is Rafael Cruz (Ted Cruz’s father) and Flip Benham (Jason and David Benham’s father).  These two men built their houses on the rock of Jesus Christ and because of their obedience, God has servants that He can use.

Fathers–when you are obedient to the Lord with your family, you never know how God can use that.  But we must be obedient first and train our children in His ways so that they can be fruitful for Him.

Rafael Cruz Flip Benham

Dear Progressives—The Bible Does Not Support or Compel Big Entitlement Programs

For years progressives have told us that the Bible compels Christians to contribute to an enormous government without objection for growing big government entitlement programs.  This fake theology is not only Biblically defective, but it is tremendously damaging to God’s overall design for our culture.

For instance, during the 2008 election, then candidate Barack Obama told Rick Warren that America’s biggest failure as an institution is our failure to follow Matthew 25:40, which states “The King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’”

I have heard this line of reasoning several times as a commissioner.  Do not buy into this argument; it is wrong.  The progressives use this verse  to promote an agenda that includes dependency on the government instead of God and one’s self.

First, the plain language of this verse shows it is not about government performing a task, it is about how individual Christians will be judged.  The verse doesn’t say, “to the extent that you contributed to your government and your government did it to one of these brothers of Mine”.  It says, “to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine . . . .”  This verse calls individual Christians  to act for Jesus; not to simply write a check to the government and let them take care of it.

render_to_caesar pictureJesus was clear that what you give to the government in taxes has nothing to do with what you do in performing your duties as a Christian.  When speaking to the Pharisees in Matthew Chapter 22 (just three chapter earlier) about paying taxes, Jesus said “Then render to Ceasar the things that are Ceasar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.”  Taxes are not rendered to God, they are rendered to today’s “Ceasar”.  In Matthew 17:24-27, Jesus showed that even in those times taxes were collected unjustly (“that which is has been already and that which will be has already been” right!).  Like the Roman system described in Matthew 17, the American tax and spend system is wicked; it is not righteous.  Taxes are not God’s way of implementing the “love thy neighbor” commandment!

Second, as I mentioned above, this is a tremendously damaging fake theology because instead of Christians giving and pointing people to God, the government gives and points people to government.  In 2 Corinthians chapter 9, God makes this clear.  Paul is writing to the church at Corinth about a commitment they made to give to the Jerusalem church.  Verses 13 & 14 are right on point here: “Because of the proof given by this ministry [the Corinthians], they [the Jerusalem saints] will glorify God for your [the Corinthians] obedience to your [the Corinthians] confession of the gospel of Christ and for the liberality of your [the Corinthians] contribution to them [the Jerusalem saints] and to all, while they [the Jerusalem saints] also, by prayer on your [the Corinthians] behalf, yearn for you [the Corinthians] because of the surpassing grace of God in you [the Corinthians].

This says that the Jerusalem church was pointed to God when the Corinthians gave them a gift in God’s glory.  Upon receiving such gift, the Jerusalem saints pray for the Corinthians, as they are now in fellowship.  God is pretty amazing.  He set this up so that when we “love our neighbor”, it points them to God and we now pray for each other in fellowship.  The progressives don’t want this.  Instead, they want to take God out of this transaction.  They want Christians to give to the government, then the government will give to the people.  Guess what this does?  It points the recipient of the gift–not to God–but to the government.  Anybody wonder why government has become so many Americans’ god?

As Christians, it is time to actually engage (i.e., sacrifice some of your time instead of watching TV) the government and reduce these programs (we learned today that the food stamp program is so poorly run people can buy pot with their food stamp card).  We must take back the responsibility for “loving they neighbor”.  That is the Christian principle.

School Board Wastes $100K; No Apologies

Last work session, we found out that the Cabarrus County Board of Education wasted almost $100,000 of your tax money.  They don’t apologize to you for doing it, they just want more.

Since I have been a commissioner, I have consistently asked for budgets for school construction prior to determining funding amounts because there is tremendous waste.  With some schools costing almost $50 million, we need to know what that kind of money is being spent on.

To create a comprehensive budget to spend up to $50 million takes diligence and hard work.  It does not appear that the Cabarrus BoE or the administration is willing to put in those efforts.  Instead, CCS asks for far more than it needs to build a school (remember when they asked for $33 million to build Mount Pleasant Middle even though they now agree it will cost no more than $22 million) and then build whatever they want knowing that they have plenty of extra money.  This is much easier for them, but MUCH more costly for you.

Last Monday was a perfect example.  I have known since January that the old Odell site is the site for the new elementary school.  Obviously, the new Odell, which is also an elementary school, is right around the corner.  As the school board has stated, having two k-5 schools so close is not the best plan for that corridor.

Instead of getting a plan together and working through that issue prior to spending money, they spent your money to have another k-5 school engineered.

Just a few months later, they decided to make the new school a grade 3-5 elementary school.  Engineering plans for a k-5 school are not the same as those for a grade 3-5 school, so now the school board wants to spend an additional $94,480 to re-engineer the school for grades 3-5.

Whether a grade 3-5 or k-5 is a better option, I do not know.  However, the circumstances leading to that decision existed prior to CCS expending engineering funds and if they had put in a proper amount of due diligence, they would have saved $94,480 of your money.  But it is your money they spend, and they have plenty more of that, so they don’t worry about it and they certainly don’t apologize for it.

As always, here is the full video for you to see for yourselves:

Be Bold for the Lord; for America—Don’t Let Them Intimidate You

America was built on Christian values and hard work; personal responsibility.  Now those things have all become bad words in our PC culture!  If you believe that the values and principles that built America into the great country it is are still good for America, PLEASE READ THIS!

I am writing to you to encourage and exhort you to stand up for the Lord and for America; don’t be intimidated by the progressives.  As a country, we have $18 trillion in debt and have left our Christian values.  If there was ever a time to stand up and fight, it must be now.

The number one reason that Christians and true Americans won’t stand up and fight right now is fear of damaging our reputations; both professionally and personally.   You see, we have become slaves to our reputations, to what other people think of us.  The progressives know this and intimidate us by threatening our reputations.  They call us hateful names like bully, bigot, racist, intolerant, homophobe, maintaining a “war on women”, etc.

But, if you are a Christian and/or a true American, please think about this—Jesus suffered a horrible death through crucifixion for us and we won’t sacrifice a piece of our reputation for him?  Americans—our founding fathers put their lives, their families’ lives, all of their property and everything else on the line for this country, and we can’t stand up for what is right when our safety is not even at risk?

The progressives have sold out their own children and grandchildren to moral decay and crushing debt.  They have stolen from their children and grandchildren liberty and freedom from government and destined them for a life (if you call it that) of dependency on the institution of government.  They believe their imagination is the only limit on what government can accomplish.  Why do we care what these people that have done this to their own children and grandchildren think about us or call us?

One thing I have tried to do as your commissioner is to stand in the face of this intimidation and continue to fight.  While my term is only 18 months, my main goal has been to show you that one can stand and fight the progressive agenda and they can’t hurt you.  This wasn’t about substantive change necessarily, it was about giving you confidence to stand up and fight by standing and fighting myself.

Break The Chains PicIt was tremendously liberating when I joined this fight and stopped caring about my reputation!  I have been called every name in the book, my family has been insulted, the newspaper draws over-the-line cartoons of me, lies have been spread about me, etc.  Guess what—I’m stronger than I was before because I don’t have to worry anymore about my reputation.  I am free from that bondage.

You can be free too.  It is time for you to join this fight.  I don’t mean by sending out emails to your email list and talking amongst your Sunday school classes.  We’ve got to get out into the public and be leaders!  This week, I am going to make a series of posts with the truth.  I’ll get called names and the progressives will hate me, but it is time.  Tune in!

Cabarrus County to Tax Churches, Hospital, and ALL Non-Profits?

On Monday, I voted against an effort by the county commissioners to possibly move to tax our churches, hospital, and all non-profit entities within the county.  Specifically, the county submitted its list of legislative goals to the NCACC, an entity that lobbies the state legislature on behalf of the counties.  One of the proposed goals on that list was to “study the impact to local government finances of exempting nonprofits from the requirement of paying property taxes and review possible payment in lieu of taxes requirement.”

I voted against this “goal” because we all know that when the government starts studying new tax revenue, the target of the study better hold on to its wallet!  It’s no secret that poor spending decisions (like spending $118 million on the jail) have left our county with over $400 million in debt.  Leadership does not want to make difficult decisions, so more revenue is a requirement.

I think the county receives enough tax revenue and needs to make more responsible choices.  From 2008 to today, our tax revenue increased by over 30%.  Some will say that when more taxpayers are paying, the burden on all of us goes down.  This is not the case in Cabarrus County.  Our history shows that more tax payers equals more tax revenue which simply equals more out of control spending.  The progressives use the same argument for tax incentives; i.e., that bringing more tax payers here reduces the burden on all of the taxpayers.  Interesting that since the county started using tax incentives, your tax rate has gone up 25% and our debt has exploded exponentially.  More taxpayers simply means more spending.

Our hospital provides amazing service for our people.  Moreover, it has been an integral part of new programs developed with our EMS services and provided much of the equipment at no cost.  The hospital serves everyone, whether one can pay or not.  Our churches and other non-profits serve and do amazing work for our communities.

I don’t need a government study to know that it is a bad idea to take money from churches, hospitals, and non-profits to give to the government so the government can waste it.

Below is the entire discussion of this issue.  Unlike the Independent Tribune, which has now taken to selectively posting half of a discussion in a very misleading manner, I am posting the entire discussion so you can see for yourselves.